Pearl Grace Group, Inc. (PGG) is a woman-owned small business headquartered in Knoxville, TN. PGG has provided technical program management support to government and private clients for over eight years. Senior staff members have a minimum of 25 years experience serving government clients in operations, program assessment, technical analysis, and management support, particularly in the areas of nuclear and chemical engineering, program and facility operations, safety and risk analysis, training, readiness reviews, and emergency preparedness.

Pearl Grace Group has supported a wide range of nuclear and radiological programs and activities. In the area of operations management, PGG has supported safety and operations assessments, participated in readiness reviews and conducted project reviews of nuclear operations and waste management facilities. PGG personnel have supported nuclear and high hazard operations, engineering, facility safety basis implementation, integrated safety systems management and work control management programs. PGG has provided external assessors for technical and management assessments of a wide variety of nuclear programs, operational facilities, and planning activities.

Pearl Grace Group, Inc. personnel include senior-level chemical, nuclear, and environmental scientists and engineers; training specialists; and project control specialists. PGG personnel have credentials including certifications as professional engineers, project management specialists, and certified hazardous materials managers.